Our Story



Sustainable Handbags Handmade in New York

As a fast-paced professional, expansive designer and an on-the-go mother, Ingrid was inspired to develop “functional fashion” that can both serve and impress, and women’s bags were the ideal conduit.  Bags are an accessory, like jewelry or silk scarfs, where one can make a statement of elegance, sophistication and individuality.  But bags also need to be practical, with hands-free capabilities for the modern woman.

Ingrid has developed a unique and limited-edition set of handbags, cross-body bags, totes, travel bags, and pocket books, using a creative combination of recycled fur, genuine leather and wide-ranging colors. The luxury bags also reflect diverse cultural influences, using straps made from African necklaces and beads, and incorporating other features such as feathers, buffalo horns, and Ethiopian pendants.

The result is a bag with extraordinary personality, strikingly unique and distinguishable, that can separate you from the crowd and send a multitude of messages with elegance.



Our negative impact on the environment is an increasing concern.  And fashion is no exception. That is why we target sustainability throughout our process. 

Our leathers are cowhide and lambskin, source from dead stocks, byproducts from the food industry 

We only use furs that are up-recycled from vintage coats

Our feathers are sourced cruelty-free

We continue to strive to maintain sustainability and to do our part to minimize our impact on the environment.



Ingrid Bruha is a French designer based in New York City.

Born and raised in Paris, Ingrid lived in London for 15 years before settling in Chelsea, Manhattan. 

She has a passion for traveling to exotic countries, which helped cultivate and inspire her expansive fashion tastes. 

She studied at ESMOD France, the international fashion design and business school in Paris, before starting her career at Lanvin and Ralph Lauren in Paris.