Ingrid has developed a unique, limited-edition set of handbags using creative combinations of up-cycled furs and leathers. 
Ingrid's handbags provide a great outlet for creative self-expression. They combine an eclectic mix of materials, colors, textures and are inspired from cultures around the world. The result is elegant, sophisticated, and unique.
She approaches fashion with a sustainable and ethical focus. In addition to the up-cycled vintage fur coats, Ingrid uses leathers (embossed Cow hide and Lambskin only) that come from existing stock. The feathers are sourced cruelty-free and the straps are made with recycled African jewelry and beaded necklaces.
All of Ingrid's bags are handmade locally in New York. 
Ingrid is French and is currently based in New York City, after previously living in Paris and London.  She studied at ESMOD France, the international fashion design and business school, before starting her career at Lanvin and Ralph Lauren in Paris.