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Welcome to this week’s Leather Artisan Spotlight : INGRID BRUHA This time around we shine the light on Ingrid Bruha and her gorgeous collection of pouches and cross body/shoulder bags. Inspired by functional fashion, Ingrid Bruha started her journey into fashion and bag design with a vision to create accessories that make a chic statement while remaining practical for women to use. INGRID BRUHA was founded back in 2014. Ingrid definitely has rich inspirations to pull from based from the places she’s been, and the places she’s lived. Currently based in New York after living in London for 15 years, Ingrid’s French heritage certainly contributes to the je ne sais quoi of her designs. Ingrid is a citizen of the world,...

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Wall Street International

“She is the individual within the tribe”- Pamela Thomas Hunt Recently when I was at the trunk show of Orithyia and at the private sale of IB by Ingrid Bruha. I got to thinking about small manufacturing in New York making a comeback. Flashing in my mind’s eye from my days as a college student in New York were memories of navigating the sidewalks and streets past garment racks packed with clothes or furs being pushed up Seventh Avenue.  Read More: 

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